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Short Courses        
Short courses enable you to increase your skills and knowledge.its an excellent way to keep up with current trends in advanced and nano materials. Short courses are open to conference participants as well as  non-participants of the conference.

Note: Space are limited,  you are encouraged to register early to reserve your seat.                                         
Short Courses offered

  1. Advances & Prospects in Nanotechnology/nanomaterials: A new physics perspective - 1 day
This course has been cancelled.

Advances & Prospects in Nanotechnology/Nanomaterials: A new physics perspective,
Note : This course has been cancelled.
Dr. Alexi Gerasimov, Georgian Technical University

Dr.Alexi Gerasimov  has been working  in materials research for about 60 years, Prof. Alexi Gerasimov started his career  as Researcher and then became Chair and Head of Department and Scientific-Research Laboratory of Semiconductor Microelectronics at the TSU and was head of Laboratory at the Scientific Institute of Microelectronics.
Prof. Alexi Gerasimov worked not only in academia, but also in microelectronic industry of the former Soviet Union. He was Deputy Director & Chief Engineer of the Industrial-Scientific Association ‘Mion’.
In recent years, he was Scientific Director of the Gerasimov Research Laboratory, the Representative office in Georgia of the Liquid Light Inc. (Seattle, USA).
Prof. Alexi Gerasimov has developed his expertise in the fields of Solid State Physics, Semiconductors, Microelectronics, Nanophysics, and Nanotechnology. He has (co)authored more than 240 publications, among them 2 monographs, obtained up to 10 invention patents. In 1998, the International Committee on Scientific Discovers recognized his work “Exoelectronic emission of solids” as a scientific discovery.
He is Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Georgia and the Academy of Engineering of Georgia, and Laureate of the Ilia Vekua Award of the Georgian National Academy of Science

About the course

This comprehensive course covers both the fundamental  and applied aspects of the nanomaterials and presents for the first time a new theory to describe the properties of nano materials. Nanoparticles and nanomaterials, in spite of their very small dimensions, unlike atoms and small molecules, are substances that have collective properties (heat capacity, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, hardness, etc.). The study of these properties of matter, regardless of the aggregate state, initially relied on thermodynamics, which considered matter as a continuous substance and, despite some achievements, could not explain the emerging new phenomenon.Through this workshop participants will acquire a sound knowledge properties and observed phenomenon in nanomaterials. The course will cover Molecular-Kinetic Theory (MKT) and discuses  its shortcoming in application for nano materials  and present a New Theory: Potential Theory of substances  (EPTS) and application for nano materials.

General Information

Short course notes are distributed  on DVD. Participants should bring their laptops to get access to the course material.
Short course Duration: 1 day. (Sunday August 5, 2018,  9 am to 5 pm)

Short Course fee:
  • $500 for conference participant / $300  for Students
  • $700 for non conference participant / $450  for Students                            
Short Course registration fee includes: refreshments, lunch, course materials (DVD)